Select products to cart:
  1. Search for products or go to the product menu. Choose by product category.
  2. When you want the product you want, click the “Add to cart” button.
  3. Check product list And the quantity of the product is correct or not. (In this step, can enter the coupon code To be used as a discount from the store). If the item is incorrect, can delete and edit the amount. After that, press the button “Update the products in the basket” After checking and editing the product list, click “order and pay”.
Order and Payment:
  1. Fill out the buyer information. Delivery location The system will calculate the shipping cost from the place of delivery.
  2. Choose how to pay for these various products.
    • Credit card payment via credit card The system will change to the page to fill out the credit card information of the bank.
    • Cash on delivery pay by cash when delivering products.
In general, once the payment is completed It will take 1-3 days for delivery. Which will include Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays If it is shipped across the province it will take 2-3 days and if it is delivered within the province it will take 1-2 days. If within 5 days you have not received the parcel, please contact us.
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